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About Us

We're a prominent art gallery holding periodic juried art competitions online to highlight and support talented artists and their creativity.  We try our best to reach out across a diverse section of art lovers from many countries around the world. This way, we're able to not only cater to talents from various geographical corners, but also seamlessly service the art connoisseurs of the world.​ Although we operate on a virtual platform, our company headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

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What's It About The Number 4?

Glad you asked!

Our Universe is an unimaginably massive place, with superclusters of galaxies and voids littered through what appears like cobweb-shaped filaments.

But in spite of its mindboggling size, we've thus far known -- meaning, seen, heard, touched, smelled, and discovered -- just 4% of it. Why? Because, the rest of the 96% is composed of things that won't show up directly -- or even indirectly -- in our most sophisticated instruments. No one alive today has the slightest clue what this substance is, although they've got some fancy names for them. As if to underscore our ignorance on this, they've come up with creative names, like Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

So, we call ourselves Gallery 4%. In the midst of all the noise around you, we're the minuscule yet strong signal you can actually rely on.


Because unlike the rest of the 96%, you know we exist!

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